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Bring the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to your applications

Composable is the only API-first platform for building AI/LLM applications. We enable enterprise teams to automate and augment their business processes and applications with LLM-powered tasks.



The State of Enterprise LLM Preparedness and Adoption

This research report provides a comprehensive overview of Large Language Model (LLM) adoption in the enterprise, focusing on the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating LLMs into business solutions.

We're more than an LLM application development framework

The comprehensive LLM software platform enables enterprise teams to design, test, deploy and operate LLM-powered tasks that drive efficiency, improve performance, and lower costs.

Compose powerful prompts, and reuse them across your applications

Reuse tested prompts and compose them to create more complex versions. In addition, prompts come with schemas in and out to strengthen quality — thanks to type safety.

Leverage multiple AI models and environments

Easily test prompts in different environments and use different models for different use cases. Prompts are automatically converted to the target's model format without any change. Want to assign a task to Llama2 instead of GPT4 in 30% of cases? No problem.

Optimize performance and cost while keeping the data fresh

You can design an intelligent cache strategy for each interaction, so the result can be reused, varied on a set of keys, or used only in a certain percentage of calls.

Easily Design LLM Prompts & Tasks



End-to-end governance of LLM agents and LLM-powered tasks. Know which task is deployed, which application uses it, what it does, and what data has been sent & received.



Fine-grained security, keys restricted to tasks, short-lived restricted public keys, audit history with advanced search in runs, automated key rotation, etc.



Execute tasks on any inference provider and model through easy to use API endpoints. Use and reuse results, thanks to persistence, indexing, and search.

Test Multiple Models & Safely Deploy in Production



Create Synthetic LLM by mixing several LLMs, and choosing the appropriate distribution strategy: weighted load balancing, multi-head execution, mediator, or intelligent routing.



Follow model performance, visualize result quality, follow speed, latency, and quality.



Capture each run - including input & results, monitor availability and performance.

Efficiently Operate LLM-Powered Tasks

Augment Applications & Workflows

With Composable's design studio, advanced LLM virtualization layer, and orchestration engine, enterprise organizations can leverage LLM technology for a variety of use cases.

Information Extraction

Extract structured data from text content to use in or update systems

Training / Testing

Generate unique tests and correct them based on reference information to generate in-context training

Large Content Generation

Generate large documents like contracts

Document Review

Review documents based on a set of rules and then highlight the issues

Code Assistance

Help generate code for developers and technical users

Content Copilot

Generate or propose text as the user creates content in-context

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