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Generative AI for the Enterprise

Content processing is a major part of applications. Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing business processes and workflows within enterprise applications.

Augment Applications & Workflows

The impact is profound. You can augment all content-heavy, simplify workflows, and have more impact with the power of LLMs.


Ad Optimization

Craft compelling calls-to-actions (CTAs)

Augment ad teams to craft compelling call-to-actions based on company policies and previous marketing results.

Content Compliance

Ensure content adheres to standards

Verify the compliance of external content such as ads, websites, and emails.

Email Personalization

Tailor emails based on customer profiles

Personalize emails on-the-fly based on customer profiles and past purchase behaviors.

Customer Support

Ticket Triage Automation

Automate ticket categorization

Automatically categorize and prioritize incoming support tickets

Agent Augmentation

Equip agents with real-time info

Provide customer service agents with relevant information in real-time to address customer queries efficiently.

Support Analytics

Gain insights from support interactions

Analyze customer support interactions to identify common issues and improve service quality.

Human Resources

Contract Monitoring

Identify contract non-compliance

Regularly sample contracts to identify non-compliance and create review lists for potential areas.

Employee Training

LLM-driven training modules

Use LLMs to write and improve training content, generate testing sets, and provide ongoing, in-context training.

Support HR Analytics

Analyze HR data for insights

Utilize LLMs to analyze HR data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Documentation & Content Management

Automated Quality Control

Ensure documentation quality

Augment teams with automated documentation style and quality checks.

Content Translation

Automate multi-language content creation

Automate the translation of content across multiple languages, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Content Archiving

Efficiently archive and retrieve content

Use LLMs to automate the archiving process, ensuring content is easily retrievable and organized.


Contract Review

Automate contract reviews

Automate the triage process for contract reviews, highlighting potential areas of concern.

Legal Analytics

Gain insights from legal data

Utilize LLMs to analyze legal data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Legal Research

Accelerate legal research process

Use LLMs to assist in legal research, providing relevant case laws, statuses, and references.

Sales & Business Development

Sales Training

Enhance sales training modules

Augment sales training modules with LLM-generated content, enhancing the training experience.

Improve CX

Augment customer interactions

Augment sales representatives with tools to enhance customer communications, identify action areas, and create summaries for sales management.

Automate RFP Responses

Streamline RFP processes

Use LLMs to automate responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), ensuring accuracy and consistency.

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