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The only API-first platform for building intelligent applications and services using LLMs

See Composable in Action

Experience a live demo, get answers to your specific questions, and discover why Composable is the right choice for your organization.

What to expect after you request a demo:
  • We'll schedule a call to discuss your project requirements and use cases
  • Then we'll show you a live demo of Composable Studio
  • We'll answer your questions to ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision on next steps
  • No commitment whatsoever

What you'll see in a demo of Composable Studio:

AI/LLM Environments
This is where you connect to any of the major AI providers and access their LLM foundation models using our open-source connectors.
Prompt Designer
Select a prompt template from our library of examples, or create your own reusable prompt. We manage the syntax and transformation needed for each LLM.
Interaction Composer
This is where you define your task and output schema, add your prompts segments, and pick your LLM.
Virtualized LLM
AKA Synthetic LLM, this is how we distribute tasks across multiple models for load balancing, multi-head execution, self-training, and more.
Playground & Fine-Tuning
Test, compare, and refine your prompts and LLMs. Publish your interaction when you're ready to deploy your AI/LLM task.
Monitoring & Analytics
Monitor the execution of your tasks along with analytics to understand how your interactions and models perform.