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Explore which Composable subscription is right for you.


For individuals who are exploring and learning
  • Up to 1 user
  • Up to 1 project
  • Up to 5 interactions
  • Up to 5,000 runs/month
  • Up to 5 days of runs retention
  • Access to Studio, CLI & SDK
  • SaaS only
  • Community support


For small teams and startups that are getting started with LLMs
  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 1 project
  • Up to 10 interactions
  • Up to 10,000 runs/month
  • Up to 30 days of run retention
  • Access to Studio, CLI & SDK
  • SaaS only
  • Email support
  • Shared CS manager


For large enterprises with mission-critical projects
  • Custom # of users
  • Custom # of projects
  • Custom # of interactions
  • Custom runs/month
  • Custom runs retention
  • Access to Studio, CLI & SDK
  • Dedicated SaaS or self-hosted
  • Premium support
  • Dedicated CS manager
  • Access to AI Fact Service for RAG
  • Available professional services

Compare Pricing Plans

  Quickstart Pro Enterprise
Users 1 5 Custom
Projects 1 1 Custom
Interactions 5 10 Custom
Runs per month 5,000 10,000 Custom
Runs retention 5 days 30 days Custom
Access to Studio, CLI & SDK
Support Community Email Premium
Hosting Option SaaS Only SaaS Only Dedicated SaaS or Self-Hosted
CS Manager Shared Dedicated
Access to AI Fact Service for RAG
Professional Services Available


All subscriptions include

AI/LLM Environments

Add your API key to connect to any of the major AI providers and access their LLM foundation models using our open-source connectors.

Interaction Composer

Define your task and output schema, add your prompts segments, and pick your LLM. Even mediate or load balance between multiple LLMs.

Prompt Designer

Select a prompt template from our library of examples, or create your own reusable prompt. We manage the syntax and transformation needed for each LLM.

Playground & Fine-Tuning

Test, compare, and refine your prompts and LLMs. Publish your interaction when ready to deploy your AI/LLM task.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor the execution of your tasks along with analytics to understand how your interactions and models perform.

Integration Options

Integrate LLM-powered tasks into existing applications or create brand new applications and services with multiple integration options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pricing

Does Composable offer a free trial?

The Quickstart plan is a free, fully functional instance of Composable. The Quickstart plan can be upgraded to a paid subscription without losing any of your work.

Which plan is right for me?

If you’re an individual developer, the Developer plan is a great choice for testing the platform. For small teams that are just beginning to deploy LLM-powered tasks, check out the Team plan. If you need more projects, interactions, monthly runs, unlimited versions, and more, either the Business or Enterprise plan may be right for you.

What is an interaction?

Interactions define the tasks that the LLM are requested to perform.

What is a run?

Runs are the execution of an interaction. It is both the request to and the response from the generative model.

Reading to get started?

Contact us to discuss pricing, schedule a demo, or discover new use cases.