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About us

We believe that by making cognition accessible to machines, enterprise teams can reimagine processes, systems, and complete tasks that were previously impossible or simply too costly. We are building the platform and tooling to make this a reality.


Our Story

At Composable, our journey began with a vision: to harness the unprecedented power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and embed it seamlessly into enterprise systems. With over 20 years of experience in enterprise content management, we recognized the game-changing potential of LLMs early on. Our founder, experimenting with LLMs and programming models, realized the vast potential that could be unlocked with the right tools. And so, Composable was born.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the way businesses interact with content.

While LLMs like GPT have fundamentally changed our interaction with textual data, we believe in taking a step further. We aim to ensure that every business, regardless of its scale or domain, can leverage the native data processing capabilities of LLMs in the most efficient manner possible.


What We Do

We have built a comprehensive toolkit for designing, deploying, and operating LLM-powered tasks. Our platform offers a structured, domain-specific approach, shifting from rudimentary, text-based interactions to a world of structured, efficient, and integrated content processing.

Our Core Offerings

Interaction Designer

Crafting intuitive prompt templates and robust data schemas.

API Service

Seamlessly integrating LLMs into your applications and business processes

Prompt Assistance

Using LLMs to enhance prompt design and offer improvement suggestions

Cache Service

Ensuring optimal performance by intelligently storing and reusing Interaction Results

Collaboration & Optimization Tools

From sharing prompt segments to monitoring performance, we have developers covered.

Why Choose Us

  1. Experience

    Our background in enterprise content management sets us apart. We're not just another tech company; we understand content at its core.

  2. Innovation

    Our tools are designed with the latest advancements in LLMs in mind, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

  3. Collaboration

    Our platform is built for developers and architects, promoting collaboration and iteration.

  4. Commitment

    Your success is our success. We're dedicated to providing top-notch support and continuous improvements.


Composable Board Members

Eric Barroca

Eric is the co-founder and CEO of Composable Prompts. He began his career in France as the co-founder and later CEO of Nuxeo, a leader in enterprise content management, acquired by Hyland Software in 2021. Eric then became the Managing Partner of Groupe Tamara, an investment group that partners with creators to build upscale products and experiences.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine is Illuminate’s London based Investment Director and has been driving the team’s theses on WealthTech, Sustainable Finance, Climate & Enterprise Infrastructure. Originally from Australia, Katherine began her career on Citigroup’s equity trading floor before gaining experience at a start-up B2B fintech company where she worked with prospects to find product fit, made their first commercial sales and owned early product designs. She has led deals across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Latam and Australia and serves as a board director for several high growth portfolio businesses. She holds a dual Bachelor of Laws & Commerce (Hons) from the University of Queensland and was recognised on the 100 Women in Finance Fintech initiative as well as being featured on Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Powerlist for the past five years.

Sébastien Lefebvre

Sébastien is a Partner at Elaia Partners. He started his career at Videotron in Montreal as an architect for strategic planning. He then became a serial entrepreneur and founded two companies, both of which exited successfully. One of them, Mesagraph, got acquired by Twitter in 2014. Sébastien then relocated to London and became the Director of Growth, EMEA at Twitter for three years.

Sébastien is very active in the startup ecosystem, both as a mentor and business angel.

His expertise includes: AI, SaaS, Cloud Infrastructure, and Social Media

Our Team

Eric Barroca - Composable Prompts
Eric Barroca
CEO & Co-Founder
Brett Ackerman - Composable Prompts
Brett Ackerman
Chief Operating Officer
Bogdan Stefanescu - Composable Prompts
Bogdan Stefanescu
Lead Architect
Melinda O'Neil - Composable Prompts
Melinda O'Neil
VP, Marketing
Sarah Berger - Composable Prompts
Sarah Berger
VP, Sales
Grant Spradlin - Composable Prompts
Grant Spradlin
VP, Product
Malo Jennequin - Composable Prompts
Malo Jennequin
Sales Engineering Director, EMEA
Pascaline Gautier - Composable Prompts
Pascaline Gautier
Account Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Composable headquartered?
We are an international company with headquarters in the US, France, and Japan.
Which countries are supported by Composable?

We provide support for all subscription customers in any country.

Does Composable work with all industries?

Yes! We support all industries and verticals.

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