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Composable for

Vertex AI

Google's Vertex AI is a fully integrated inference provider and execution environment in which language models run. Vertex AI is a machine learning (ML) platform that enables developers to customize large language models (LLMs) for use in AI-powered applications.
By connecting to the Vertex AI environment in Composable Studio, you will have access to over 150 foundation models including Gemini, Imagen, Codey, Anthropic's Claude Model Family, Gemma, and Llama 3.

Vertex AI Integration

The integration with Google's Vertex AI offers unique benefits to Composable users

Environments - 700x446
  • Single API for all of Google’s models

    instead of the 3 different APIs for PaLM, Bison, and Gemini

  • Easy to use prompt studio
  • Access to Google's Gemini multimodal models

Features of the environment

Environments are the execution runtime environment for the generative model
  • Portable Task Model

    Execute a task on any model and inference provider with zero changes

  • Single Execution Interface

    For all models and providers, including streaming

  • Virtualization Layer

    Integrate different models and providers into a single virtualized environment

  • Fine-Tuning

  • Storage, Indexing & Search

  • Load- Balancing

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