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The State of Enterprise LLM Preparedness & Adoption

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Large Language Model (LLM) adoption in the enterprise, focusing on the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating LLMs into business solutions.

This research report provides insights into:

  • The difference between very prepared tech teams and unprepared tech teams when it comes to initiating LLM projects
  • Why AI projects get stuck in experimentation
  • Which foundational models are of interest or being tested by senior tech professionals
  • Why enterprise tech teams expect to run more than one model and inference provider
  • Priority use cases and business areas that are expected to be augmented with LLMs
This report reveals who is most prepared to fully integrate LLMs into their business applications and what they are doing to ensure success as they test and deploy multiple models and providers.

The Revolutionary Power of LLMs is Undeniable

Not only are organizations now incorporating strategies to leverage AI to drive efficiency and productivity by automating time-consuming workflows, but AI-driven data analysis, along with communication, collaboration, and personalization tools are also starting to transform business operations across all sectors.

However, while LLM adoption is gaining momentum, most enterprises are still in the early experimental stages of integrating these into business solutions, laying the foundations for bona-fide LLM use in the coming years.

As they explore this groundbreaking technology, tech teams are beginning to understand that relying on just one AI tool will not afford them the true benefits of integrating LLMs with their business applications.

In other words, the time for single model generative AI experimentation is over, and organizations must prepare themselves for a world in which managing multiple AI models and inference providers is the norm.

Key Takeaways from the Report:

  • Enterprise teams expect to leverage multiple models and inference providers.
  • Tech professionals see the potential of LLMs.
  • Very few organizations are fully prepared to leverage LLMs.
  • Tech professionals aren’t thinking outside the box yet.
  • Preparing to integrate LLMs into enterprise solutions in the coming years will maximize your chances of experiencing a range of benefits.

of respondents

say fine-tuned LLMs would bring value to their organization

of respondents

expect to run more than one model in the next two years

of respondents

say they will have more than one inference provider

of respondents

are not prepared to run LLM projects for enterprise solutions

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