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Revolutionizing AI Integration in Business Processes

This executive brief provides an overview of Composable, an API-first platform designed to simplify the integration of diverse AI technologies and enable enterprise teams to deliver significant business value with generative AI. 
Composable Prompts Executive Brief Cover

This brief highlights the challenges faced by enterprise teams in incorporating Large Language Models (LLMs) into existing processes and applications, such as the rapidly evolving landscape, lack of in-house AI/ML expertise, and the risk of vendor lock-in.

Composable addresses these challenges by centrally managing the LLMs and inference providers without being tied to a single vendor or technology as well as reducing the technical burden and high costs of building an infrastructure layer to support LLM orchestration.

Discover the Strategic Advantages of Composable:

  • Scalability and operational flexibility

  • Streamlined development and faster time to market

  • Simplified integration and maintenance

Integrated with leading AI model and inference providers

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